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Middle East AI News is a weekly news digest covering artificial intelligence news from some of the world’s most exciting, upcoming technology hotspots.

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“I really enjoy Middle East AI News, it’s very well curated. Another reason to enjoy and look forward to Thursdays! I tend to block out an hour in the morning to go through all the news and am always impressed at how much more Carrington is able to catch than my other regular news sources throughout the week. Thank you for the great service.”
Talal Al Kaissi, VP – Strategic Projects & Space Program, Group 42

“Your Thursday Middle East AI news roundup is definitely my favourite read!”
Meriem Akremi, Sales & Partnership Manager Middle East, Turkey & Africa at SoftBank Robotics Europe

“I’ve enjoyed Middle East AI News since it’s launch. I’m an avid follower of all news related to tech in the region, but nevertheless, I always find something interesting in the newsletter that I did not see elsewhere.”
Khaldoon Tabaza, Founder & Managing Director, iMENA Group, Amman & Dubai

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